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B&B Import Auto Dismantlers

  New shirt design for my good friends at B&B Import Auto Dismantlers in Nixa, MO. If you need quality import parts at reasonable prices these are the people to know. B&B Imports 1708 N. Phillips Rd. Nixa, Missouri 65714

It blew it’s own door off.

A Sydney metal fabricator is behind a big-budget Aussie assault on the World Time Attack Challenge. Ben Creswick has built this highly-modified carbon-fibre bodied Subaru WRX, featuring a fully sequential transmission and 2.5-litre turbo-charged flat-four ‘boxer’ engine. The Hankook Carbon

Honda Racing Shirt…shipped!

Get it here.

Purchase only Genuine JDM Clothes

We love our Genuine JDM tees and hoodies so much we could talk about them all day, but that’d be a bit weird. So we’ll just say that we’re immensely proud of the quality of all our garments and the

Mr. Stinky Finger?

JDM Stickers

JDM stickers for your windows, if you own an import and love Japanese Domestic Market goods then show it.

Nom, Nom, Nom

First sale of the NEW Nom Nom Z shirt….excellent. I like this one myself. You can get yours here.

HEART – For Honda Owners

Honda owners, specifically younger owners are constantly badgered by the American Made crowd. Well I have the answer on a t-shirt! This DelSol sports the popular Supra tail light conversion. You can get it here.   This one is also

JDM Wearables

A bit on the raunchy side, these are for the JDM crowd and you give them what they want. From “JDM As F*^k” to simple type designed images.  We also carry JDM iPhone cases, t-shirts, window stickers and more. For