Road Trip 9-2012

Celeste and I just finished a four day road trip to Grenada, MS, Celeste had a birthday, I shot some photos, although not as many as I would liked to have taken. I need to take some time and capture some of the things I see on the road that are vanishing. The small stations, hotels and building in general from the 50’s and 60’s are being replaced at an astounding rate. It won’t be long and America will by-pass itself right out of business. There are very few Mom and Pop stores left but not many. We noticed literally in every small town a Sonic, McDonalds or Taco Bell, this really makes America memorable doesn’t it?

Located on Highway 8 just West of Grenada, MS is the Dockery Plantation. Established by Will Dockery in 1895. It included a post office, commissary, and a cotton gin. The plantation once employed Charley Patton, a legendary blues musician, who inspired such greats as Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, B.B. King and Elvis Presley. Thought to be the Birth Place of The Blues and is regarded as such.

This sharecropper’s shack was located outside Tunica, MS. It is still barely standing, trees are growing up inside the building. It is no longer used for storage or living for that matter. Behind the building are approximately 100 bee hives. Better be careful if you find it.

Just outside of Tunica, MS Celeste poses in front of the Highway 61 Visitors  Center building.  This building was used in storing cotton before the train was to pick it up and ship it to market. It was donated and moved from a local plantation piece by piece and reassembled on location. This houses some very cool artifacts from great Blues musicians as well as any information on the area. It’s a must see location if you happen by.

If you are from our area you will surely recognize this historical bridge at Cotter, AR. The bridge spans the White River and is a World Renown trout fishing destination. It’s still good but in it’s heyday it was massively popular. This is one of the final take out spots for trips starting out in Branson, MO. Those trips took some times up to 3 weeks to complete.

Mammoth Spring near Thayer, MO. On the border of Missouri-Arkansas State Lines.

On the main drag in downtown Hardy, Arkansas.

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