The story of a true metalsmith artist

Here is her story…I was born with a hammer in my hand. Perhaps not the most comfortable or easy situation for my mother…but since making her the tiara, she at least doesn’t disclose the details of my early craftsmanship (or violin playing) in public. Stories are saved for holiday gatherings, to be sure.

Walking to school in the historic suburb of Evanston, Illinois I passed many hand-wrought gates. Ever fascinated with the iron-work, hinges and locks, it was a wonder I made it to school. But I did. And I was very grateful, too, that my public school provided me with the tools to learn the fine craft of metalsmithing.

My grandfather was a watch-maker and would let me watch him at his bench. I still have his magnifiers, which I’m finding (having been born old) come in handy for me, too.

Slowly fast forwarding, I was lucky enough to apprentice with a jeweler at the age of 16, won design awards in the industry at 20 and at 30 decided making jewelry from start to finish the way they have for thirty thousand years. That was more my style, and continues to be.

Born old, and still doing things the old-fashioned way….

Thank you for taking the time to read my shop story! I still dream of making a wrought-iron fence and gate around my little house one day…but in the mean time, please enjoy the fruits of my current, more “wearable” labors.  ~Amy Taylor

This story was appealing to me because it parallels my own story. Hope you visit her shop and see what we’re talking about.

Visit Amy’s store. Everything in her shop is entirely hand forged and fabricated by her in her little studio.

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