Ike’s Shoe Repair – Times They are A Changin’!

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The story of Refuel Coffee and Soda Bar, a 1920s-to-1940s themed cafe planned to open in 2016, begins almost a century ago.

In the ’20s, the tiny building at Central Street and National Avenue was a gas station.

As early cars grew larger and car ownership more common, small, first-generation gas stations like the one at 900 N. National Ave. fell out of fashion, replaced by bigger ones along wider streets. That’s according to Drury University’s dean of architecture, Robert Weddle.

Ike’s as of December 2017
The building that is to become Refuel, its footprint only a few hundred square feet, was repurposed over the decades.

For the 27 years ending in 2012, it was a shoe-repair shop, owned by Rev. Isaac J. “Ike” Jenkins.

Ike’s past photo by Dale Brueggemann

My family lived in the house just north of Ike’s when my brothers were children. I grew up on the north side and remember passing Ike’s mostly my whole life. Always loved the old neon sign out front. This post is my way of remembering Ike’s as it was. Thanks Dale Brueggemann for capturing Ike’s before the restoration began!

Dale has some very interesting photos, go visit his Flickr Page and see for yourself.

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