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Market Seminars – Who Makes The Money?

I’ve been asked numerous times by business owners about local marketing seminars and business breakfast groups. More often than not they are unsure as to the benefit. Sometimes they decide to go but don’t verbally participate, who knows if they

Thanks General Motors, Maybe Argentina Will Bail You Out Next Round.

GM received $49.5 billion from U.S. taxpayers, how generous of President Barack Obama. I wasn’t happy when our government chose to do that initally and now more than ever when I read this gem. GM pumping $450M into Argentine plant

White’s Classic Car Appraisals

Don White has been associated with various facets of the automotive, restoration, custom automobile community for almost forty years. During this period Don has gained a wealth of diversified information and experience from all kinds of hobbies, careers, pursuits and

Red Rooster Antiques

  Due to circumstances beyond our control, Celeste and I decided a few years ago to start selling some of our antiques. Our house was packed with junk truthfully. So we had a suggestion from a close friend to open

Laying claim to an idea.

  A few years ago I decided to start a blog and market the idea that Hootentown was a mecca of activity, shopping, services and foremost a prime destination. A virtual sweet spot for fishermen, canoeist and outdoors enthusiasts. Well

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

The Nomad World Products Painting Winner is Sarah Penna! Congrats Sarah we’ll be contacting you very soon. Thanks Sarah for supporting Nomad on Facebook.

Rachel: Live from L.A.

Starting today we’ll be featuring “Rachel: Live from L.A.” Tweets on our widget side. Keep up with Rachel Skidmore as she navigates the mean streets of L.A. Illustration by our good friend Tommy Hankins.

YouTube stars get Hollywood superagents

By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY Forget Variety.Michael Green has put down the bible of showbiz and is actively seeking the next big star among a wave of homegrown YouTube producers and performers attracting millions of viewers online. Green, who represented

I Love Attention…

The guys over at Bass Parade “Get It” I think… But it really doesn’t matter if they do or they don’t, press is press and I’ll take it and thank them for the publicity. Sometimes those big bass boys take

First Friday At The Nomad

It’s First Friday Artwalk this weekend. We’ll be showing at Nomad World Products this month so drop by and meet Mick Whitcomb and Paige Blotter the Owners and Managers of Springfield’s Newest “Eclectic Art, Apparel and Design Studio “. I’ve