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Galpin Auto Sports’ Ed Roth Collection

Alan Taylor talks with Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Auto Sports and takes a walk around the world’s largest Ed ‘Big Daddy” Roth automotive collection.

Royal Ink Tattoo Swag

  Just worked out a deal to produce a line of swag for Royal Ink Tattoo in Republic. Some shirts will be available later this summer with the complete line ready by Christmas this year. Watch for them!

B&B Import Auto Dismantlers

  New shirt design for my good friends at B&B Import Auto Dismantlers in Nixa, MO. If you need quality import parts at reasonable prices these are the people to know. B&B Imports 1708 N. Phillips Rd. Nixa, Missouri 65714

I Hate It When…

Just finishing up a design  “The I hate it when…it’s dark and my brain is like, “Hey you know what we haven’t thought about in a while…monsters.” screen printed limited edition shirt. Give me some feedback on facebook. The link

Laying claim to an idea.

  A few years ago I decided to start a blog and market the idea that Hootentown was a mecca of activity, shopping, services and foremost a prime destination. A virtual sweet spot for fishermen, canoeist and outdoors enthusiasts. Well

Symbolism: The Search

What comes to mind when you mention the word Nomad? Flowing robes, adventure, wandering packs of desert dwellers? Heck I don’t know… it’s a difficult task to put my finger on it.  A Nomadic lifestyle is of course “The Wander”

I Love Attention…

The guys over at Bass Parade “Get It” I think… But it really doesn’t matter if they do or they don’t, press is press and I’ll take it and thank them for the publicity. Sometimes those big bass boys take

Limited Edition Shirts

If you would like to purchase one that would thrill me to no end. Just drop me an email for info with size and quantity. I’ll figure it and email you back. Note: XL-XXL will have up charges.  

The Crap on Crappie.

Shipping today…get it here. Maybe you want to catfish!

Honda Racing Shirt…shipped!

Get it here.